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Umpire Agreement

Umpire Agreement

Negotiations with referees have been just one of countless issues to resolve as the owners, Commissioner Rob Manfred and the Players` Association are working to stage a shortened 2020 season unlike anything we`ve seen (or will see) in the past. Decision-makers are still discussing several scenarios for a return to play and a second training camp. Among the many potential ideas circulating are a radical reorientation program, intrasquad training games in each team`s home park, and a possible three-state training set between Arizona, Texas and Florida. Nothing has yet been agreed or fixed, but optimism about holding a 2020 season has increased in recent weeks. Major League Baseball and the Major League Umpires Association have reached an agreement on referee salaries for the 2020 season, ESPN`s Jesse Rogers reports (via Twitter). The League has reportedly sought to cut referees` salaries and has insisted that an agreement be in place this weekend. Without an agreement, the referees would not have been paid until play resumed. Yes, these bullies pay referees an average salary of US$250,000 per year, plus a purse of US$340 per game to fly across the country, spend the night in the best hotels and work 5 hours a day to attend a baseball game. Oh, the horror! Go away, brother! You should have fired Angel Hernandez, Joe West and CB Bucknor and distributed the wealth to younger, lower-paid judges. Mlb referees were in a similar position, with a conflict reported Thursday night, according to Ken Rosenthal of The Athletic. . .


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