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Wendelstein GmbH | Smartphone Agreement
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Smartphone Agreement

Smartphone Agreement

The phone is smart. You`re smarter. It`s smarter. Trust yourself more than the smartphone and the things offered to you by apps and games, and the people you “meet” there. Before we dive in, first of all, let`s see the obvious: allowing our children to use a technical tool that is dangerous enough to ask them to sign a written contract should set off a big red flag for parents. What do we think? Today`s smartphone culture is making our teens more stressed and anxious than ever1 and a contract won`t help relieve stress. Melanie and her husband Chris are raising four children in a media-balanced home — and have managed to replace video games with sports, music, art and good manners, and they`ve also done the impossible: they`ve prevented social media and smartphones from controlling their teens. For more information on recovering your kids and re-connecting your family, check out www.FamiliesManagingMedia.com. After trying this incredibly popular tool, many parents have found that the family smartphone contract isn`t worth the paper it`s printed on, nor the high hopes and emotional energy invested in it. In fact, it can do more damage than you think. Building good digital citizens doesn`t start with a smartphone contract. So before you print this contract and call your teen out of bed, gaming, or Snapchat to sign it, you may want to keep reading.

The idea that a “magical” smartphone contract protects and keeps your children accountable is a myth that fosters our culture. If we put the model of adolescent brain research on the smartphone contract decision, things just don`t add up. Unfortunately, these powerful devices are designed to grab our children`s attention, their time, their innocence and, according to medical science, some of the best years of their lives. What you need more than a phone contract is more connections with you and more time to build personal relationships with their colleagues. You don`t need a contract for that. You just gave your teenager his first smartphone. Now you`re on a strategic mission to build a responsible digital citizen, even if you don`t know exactly what that means. After doing your homework, you chose to meet on neutral ground with a well-thought-out plan to ensure a safe and positive phone experience: a smartphone contract. We believe that a mobile phone is not a constitutional right – it is a privilege.

As a parent and mobile phone provider, you have the right to set some basic rules about how and when to use a phone and when it is not. So we created this downloadable smartphone contract for teens that parents can use if you give your child a smartphone. It`s a fabulous tool to make your child aware of how things can go wrong, and to set fundamental rules and expectations. You will not communicate information about yourself or any of our family members via your smartphone. Even if you think that sharing this information will help you. Sweetie, you`ve had an important day. A day when we, your parents, think you`re responsible enough to get your own smartphone and use it according to simple rules between us – rules that keep you happy and safe as a smartphone user. In this agreement, you will find these rules and remember that you can keep your smartphone if you follow these rules. What do smartphone contracts promise? And what do they deliver? You promise that your kids, because you signed an agreement, would use their smartphones in a balanced way and know how to protect themselves online.

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