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Wendelstein GmbH | Car Parking Space Licence Agreement
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Car Parking Space Licence Agreement

Car Parking Space Licence Agreement

3.2 Any changes to the weekly parking fee will be co-ordered by the City Council four weeks in advance. Access to parking in the room may be limited to certain periods on certain days. The space can only be available on certain days of the week and not on weekends, so it is clear that the user does not have the formal right to the space. The duration of the license is not limited and runs from the start date to the end of the license by one of the parties making the agreed notification to the other or by you immediately if the user does not comply with its obligations under the license. The license may be terminated by both parties by notifying the other party or immediately if the user does not comply with his obligations under the license. It is customary for the notice period to be a short period related to the payment of the fee, for example.B. This agreement is between the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham (“the Council”) and the person (“licensee”) who is licensed. HomeParkenProcédersparkausweisAusweisAusweiseParkausweiseParkplatz License Agreement 2.1 Pay the license fee monthly only by direct debit. Registration may require an advance payment, the amount of which varies depending on the type of mandate. The fee is plus VAT, but the user must pay the VAT due. The fee includes the costs of insurance of the land and all the services provided (for example.B. the provision of a door or the cleaning of the car park). 1.3 A valid parking card issued by the Council is visible at all times on the windshield of the vehicle when it is parked on the grounds.

3.1 The terms of this licence agreement may be amended at any time by the Commission. Derogations shall be notified in writing to the policyholder at least seven days before the entry into force of the amendments. If you are licensing a space that you occupy yourself as a licensee (e.g. .B. for an apartment you rent), use this agreement. If you want to rent a parking lot or have one too many spaces, the document you are looking for is called a parking license agreement. 3.3 In the event of a breach by the licensee of the terms of this Agreement, the Commission may immediately terminate the Licence Agreement by terminating the Licensee in writing. Such denunciation by the Council of this licence agreement is without prejudice to and shall be subject to the Rights and Remedies of the Council with respect to the amounts to be paid. This agreement creates a license to park a car, motorcycle or other vehicle on your property. It contains a number of terms of use for your licensee. 1.2 The parking card issued by this License Agreement applies only to the vehicle designated in the application and is not transferable.

If you enter into a written contract, do not spare yourself in the unpleasant position of arguing over who said what, which can often happen if you rely on oral agreements. If you rent the space to the user`s employer or company, then they use it for commercial purposes and could become a protected tenant. So don`t use this document if your license needs to be addressed to a company….

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