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Wendelstein GmbH | The Ups Store Franchise Agreement
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The Ups Store Franchise Agreement

The Ups Store Franchise Agreement

Buying in a franchise is a significant investment and requires you to research financial forecasts, including upfront costs, operating costs and potential benefits. For a business to be useful, you need to be able to get a reasonable return on your investment. To do so, you must be careful when verifying the description of estimated operating costs and sales history indicated in the franchise disclosure deed. It is important to check these figures carefully and even take a look at them at the CPA. Mail Boxes Etc. USA. Inc. v. Arthur Watson, et al. (Superior Court of California, Santa Clara County, Case No H-178982-5, presented in September 1994.) Our predecessor filed this complaint and claimed more than $60,000 in damages for breach of the franchise agreement, breach of equipment lease and withdrawal of leases. The court rejected, on identical but un prejudiced reasons, our predecessor`s request for a letter of possession.

The defendants brought a counter-action similar to the claims of the franchise owners in Helm (Article 4 – above). The court transferred the case to San Diego, California, on a transfer request. This case was stayed until the trial of the four trial cases and was considered as in item 4 above. Howard Perlman. et al. v. Mail Boxes etc. USA. Inc. et al.

(Superior Court of California, County of Sacramento, Case 97 ASO 1119, Filed in March 1997.) Howard Perlman, a former space franchise and former officer of our predecessor, filed a complaint against our predecessor. The complaint refers to contractual offences, misrepresentations, addition of psychological distress, improper reporting and other related means related to the parties` respective financial obligations, Mr. Perlman`s previous employment with our predecessor and a transaction with a particular MBE centre owned by Mr. and Mrs. Perlman. The complaint required exemplary damages and damages, as well as legal fees. The other complainants were Mr. Perlman`s wife, Charmaine Perlman, and a company owned by Mr.

and Mrs. Perlman, MBGMS, Inc. In a separate action, mailboxes, etc. United States. Inc. v. Howard L. Perlman and Charmaine Perlman (California Superior Court, County of Sacramento, Case No. 97ASO 1187, filed March 1997.), our predecessor filed a lawsuit against Howard and Charmaine Perlman with decree and injunction, including a reason for the legal confinement action, consisting mainly of six MBE centers, executed under the seal of debt and a security agreement by Howard and Charmaine Perlman in favor of our predecessor. Our predecessor received temporary judicial relief to take possession and operate certain centres, in order to protect and preserve the guarantees of our predecessor and to support the clients of the MBE centres.

In June 1997, the parties reached an interim comprehensive agreement to resolve all of the parties` claims, including those relating to Mr.

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