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Wendelstein GmbH | Divorce Or Post Nuptial Agreement
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Divorce Or Post Nuptial Agreement

Divorce Or Post Nuptial Agreement

Ann`s situation is very clear. She and her husband have been lawyers and have been married for eight years. Ann is employed in her firm, but her mentor at the firm has informed her that she will be considering a partnership in two years. Ann and her husband have talked about having a baby, and they agree that they want their child to stay home for at least the first three years of their lives. Ann`s in conflict. Although she is ready to play the role of primary education, she is upset by the success that her career will take. It may not be able to return to the path of partnership and, in any event, its long-term compensation potential will have a negative impact. Assets such as bank accounts and pension funds are relatively easy to assess in divorce proceedings. But putting a dollar value on a company in which one or two spouses are principals is much more difficult. As evaluating a business can be extremely expensive and tedious, some couples use post-nuptials as a way to categorize the business as will be separate that remains with the titled spouse. The couple may agree to give the other spouse a greater share of non-commercial assets to compensate for it. Some post-marital arrangements are designed to apply during the marriage.

Other post-nups have a sunset clause that provides that the contract expires if the couple remains married for a default number of years. A post-marriage agreement is the same as a conjugal agreement, except that it will be concluded after the marriage. New York law will decide how to allocate your assets if you divorce. Nevertheless, you can reach an agreement yourself on how certain financial aspects of divorce are handled, which will allow you to avoid conflict and confusion if you ever get divorced. Postnups are designed to address some of the same issues as a prenup, such as z.B. who gets what property and how many bids a spouse will receive after a separation, but in this case the contracts will be signed after the marriage. “It`s a way for couples to say, “We don`t get divorced, but if we do that, I want to define what`s going to happen,” says Lori Shemtob, a family lawyer based in Blue Bell, Pa.

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